Mon Tourism

Mon district has beautiful picturesque villages amidst the hills and valleys like the Chui village, Langmei village and so on. These villages depict the traditional ethnic culture of the tribal people of Nagaland. There are also the village markets in these villages which are good tourist attractions. The tourism of Mon is the following:

Shangnyu Village

This village is ruled by the chief Angh and is one of prominent villages of Mon district. There is a beautiful monument in the village measuring 8 feet in height and 12 feet in breadth. This monument is believed to be constructed by the heavenly angels. The monument has engravings of human beings and other creatures on it and memorial stones are also found near it. There are also monoliths and memorial stones found in front of the Angh’s palace. Historical records show that there were friendly relations between the Shangnyu and the Ahom kings.

Chui Village

This is a prominent village located near the town of Mon. This village is ruled by the Angh of Chui Basti. The Angh’s house is the biggest in this village and has a display of skulls of enemies supposedly killed by him and his forefathers in the past times. The Konyaks used to be the headhunters in the 19th century.

Longwa Village

This is one of the biggest villages of the Mon district. The village falls in the international border and as such, one part of the village falls in the Indian Territory and the other part in the Myanmar territory. The whole village is however controlled by the Angh and the village council chairman. Another interesting feature of this village is that the Angh of the village has 60 wives and his jurisdiction extends up to Myanmar and Arunachal Pradesh.

Veda peak, MonVeda Peak

This is the highest peak in the district and is located around 70 kms east of the Mon district. The peak provides a picturesque view of the Brahmaputra and the Chindwin rivers on a clear day.

Naganimora Village

The term Naganimora has its significance as a burial place of a Naga Queen. It is a small and scenic town located around 11 kms away from Kongan village in Mon district. It was formerly known as Lakhan. It is popular for the only coalfield of Nagaland which was founded by the East India Company in 1907 and is at Borjan and Kongan soil near Naganimora. The local weekly market held on Saturdays witnesses a medley crowd of Assamese and Konyak Nagas.

Other attractions of Mon are

Wanching, Wakching, Mon, Shangnyu, Chui, Longwa, Angphang, Monyakshu, Pessao and Changlangshu, famous for wood carving.

Sheanghachingnyu, Langmeang and Longwa are famous for skull exhibits and wood carving.

Dikhu river, Tizit, Tapi, Teyap are sights for tourist attraction for fishing and picnicking.

Yetyong, Kaimang, Maksha and Thannyak rivers are popular for trout fishing.

Chiknyuho, Shawot, Ngupdang and Longwa are famous for Second World War remains and rock inscriptions.

Yei, Monyakshu, Pessao, Yongkao and Tamkong are the spots of attraction for ornithologists and for watching Tragopan birds.

Shangnyu and Chui have been declared as the ethnic villages providing a rich educational research work for anthropologists.

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